Slideshare Powerpoint in different environments

The issue

On the following URL the BagIt file package format is described in a nice overview. However, depending on the browser (?) or OS (?) you use, the image is partially damaged and you don’t see the originally intended version.


Figure 1: URL presented in Windows XP / Firefox

Figure 1: URL presented in Windows XP / Firefox

Figure 2: URL presented in Ubuntu / Firefox

Figure 2: URL presented in Ubuntu / Firefox


The URL was typed in different environments:

  1. On a PC with the OS Windows XP and browser Firefox (figure 1). This led to a lot of errors in the rendering
  2. On a PC with the OS Ubuntu and browser Firefox (figure 2). The damage is limited to the corner on the left site
  3. On a PC with OS Windows 7 and Firefox 17.0. This combination led to the same damages as in situation 2.

Can we prevent this

As the reason for this is not clear to us yet, we don’t know how to prevent this. Suggestions are welcome!


Thanks to Johan van der Knijff (KB-NL)


1 thought on “Slideshare Powerpoint in different environments

  1. It would be useful to know more about the source for the images / content. My gut feeling is that PowerPoint is using a vector image type to hold to the data (e.g. something like .wmf or .ps ).

    I’ve seen similar when the vector to raster decoder falls over or fails to get the basic elements of the vector image properly. An example of errors I’ve seen include font issues (e.g. requested font in image not found on the rendering system) or format versioning issues (informational elements for the vector objects are not formed in a way the decoder expects or understands.)

    A quick fix is to ‘bake’ the image by converting to a raster type (e.g. tif, jpg etc) in a known working environment – not that this helps the preservation aspects, but it does highlight the issues with vector image formats…

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