MS Office Works file represented in MS Office

The issue: MS Office Works file represented in MS Office 2007

We see here two figures, the first one showning the file in the original environment of MS Office Works and the second showing the same file in MS Office 2007. The same family, but not the same result. Obviously not all the original features are supported.

MS Works 4.0 Document File MS Office 2007 rendering this  MS Works file

Description (from the source): [These figures] “show how the word count of the Microsoft Works 4.0 file went from 334 to 477 words when rendered in Microsoft Word 2007 and a sentence fragment is now made visible that was not displayed anywhere in the original. The sentence fragment reads: “mbed and locked my hands about his neck. The stick swished twice as th”. This content may have been previously deleted in the original but continued to be stored somewhere in the file.

[The second figure] also shows that extra symbols have been added to the bottom of the document. These symbols are likely formatting information that has been interpreted as text by Microsoft Word 2007.

The formatting and font in the original rendering of the document have also changed. The centre-alignment of the poem in the Microsoft Works 4.0 rendering has changed to left-alignment in the Microsoft Word 2007 rendering and the font changed from Times New Roman to Courier New in the Microsoft Word 2007 rendering.”

Source: this case is described in the Report Rendering Matters by Euan Cochrane and can be found on the website of Archives New Zealand