Migration TIFF to JPEG2000

The issue

Many digitization projects resulted in TIFF files. These are often large files, and in some organizations the discussion started to migrate these TIFF files to the JPEG2000 format and save storage space. Sometimes this results into a damaged file.



On the left side the original TIFF file, on the right side the result of migration to JPEG2000, displayed in the program IrfanView. During the migration action, the file was truncated, which resulted in loosing vital information to create the correct JPEG2000 image.

When an organization want to preserve the JPEG2000 file for the long term, and is not aware of the damage that is done during the migration, then it might be too late to repair it.

Can we prevent this?

A migration from one file format to another is always a risky exercise and requires careful planning. In this case it would have helped if the parameters in the resulting JP2 file would have been checked on their correctness. At that time there was no tool to do this.  But nowadays this JPYLYZER tool can support this migration.

One remark: digitizating is often done on millions of files and migration too. Tools should be able to do this check on a large set of files, as it can not be expected that an organization will check the results manually.



More information

This issue is described on the Open Planets Foundation website: