Loss of Croatian web resources

At the last IFLA conference in Cape Town, a paper was published by Karolina Holub and Ingeborg Rudomino  A decade of web archiving in the National and University Library in Zagreb.

My attention was drawn by the following sentence

The NSK [National and University Library in Zagreb] started cataloguing online content in 1998 after the Law was passed and up until 2003 783 resources have been catalogued. Unfortunately, during that period, owing to financial and technical difficulties, and inadequate infrastructure the ingest and storage of these type of resources was not done. This resulted in an irreversible loss of significant part of web content.

I appreciate the frankness in this article , but it would be very interesting to know what really happened. The rest of the article shows that they have learned from this experience as they are “by now the only web archive with its metadata available in Europeana.”

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